How to improve your PC’s Startup?

Network-Products-Pc-Examine-SoftwareWhen you open your computer, does your system take enough time to open? When you start your computer system, there are number of unknown programs which get loaded to launch the operating system and some other supporting application. Each of this take a long time to run, even a new brand PC also gets slow sometimes. This is the most frustrating situation because slow running PC in enough to drive anyone completely up the wall.

This makes the computer run very slow and starts the things off on the wrong way. After cleaning and scanning all the malicious malware and viruses from the computer, it still makes the problem while starting the PC. You turn on your computer and it feels like that it will take half an hour to start it actually. Even, there are chances if it takes too long to start; then, it is not going to start faster any more after that. There is no virus and malware in the system but still it runs slow. There are many programs which your PC needs to run properly.

There are some steps by which you can see improvement in your computer and also it will run faster.

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  • You should install a solid state drive because this can help your computer to run faster than before as it has faster read times. So, if you do not have a solid state drive, you should take it.
  • You should stop launching unknown program at the time of startup there are many programs and applications which try to launch and this makes the computer slow. The unwanted program tries to sue RAM and CPU resources and if you stop all of them, you can easily improve your start up speed.
  • You should remove all unrequited fonts from the system at the time of start up as this slows down your PC.
  • Add RAM to your PC because this is one of the ways to improve the PC start up time and it will make your system to run properly.
  • You should remove or disable all the devices that are of no use. So to disable the unused device drivers, open the start menu and type Device Manager in the search box. after that find all the devices in the list that are of no use like modems, virtual Wi-Fi adapters or may be Bluetooth controller and then disable them.

By doing all the above steps, you can get your PC start up in faster time and after that you will have a better start for each day. Click here to download how to fix your PC now so that it can run faster.

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