How TO Fix STOP 0x0000011A Errors

fix STOP 0x0000011A Errors

What is STOP Errors?

STOP errors are simply the result of hardware malfunction or device driver issue.

Blue Screen of Death, is commonly known as Stop Error. It is quit a serious issue that our currently working window would stop working completely. It is mostly hardware or driver related. It generally shows a STOP Code that can be used to figure out the root cause of Blue Screen of Death.

Causes of STOP 0x0000011A Errors:

Causes for this error are many but corrupt registry files and critical viruses’ information are the main causes of STOP Error 0x0000011A. Missing DLL files, outdated drivers are also some causes of this type of error.

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Symptoms of STOP Error 0x0000011A:

Symptoms of this type of error are:

  1. Window startup problem
  2. Slow system performance
  3. System freezes
  4. Blue screen of death error message

User may quickly identify if his/her system is being affected by STOP Error or not. Windows also fails to start some process due to this error.

 Why one should fix STOP Error?

If one’s system has STOP Error 0x0000011A, it’s simply means there is some critical error within the existing system. One should always fix these critical registry errors otherwise it may lead to many problems such as crashing, freezing and sometimes blue screen. User may also remain afraid of spyware and viruses that not only damages one’s system but also steal sensitive data like password and phone number. System’s speed must also be affected and always remain slow.

 Solutions of STOP Error 0x0000011A:

User must always be aware and should follow few guidelines to make his/her PC safe.

  1. He/She must always know the installation updates such as install a new program or a piece of hardware, update a driver etc. This may help user to identify that there would be a chance that the changes made by user would definitely causes the BSOD. Again he/she should undo the change made by them and test again for the STOP Error. Depending on what changes they made, some solutions might include:
  • User must always be aware of tools a Startup Using Last Known Configuration to undo recent registry and driver changes.
  • While using system he/she always Use System Restore to undo recent system changes.
  • He/she must be aware of Roll Back Device Driver to version prior for their driver update.
  1. This STOP Error or Blue screen of death including other major issues like corruption of important data, may generally occurs if there is not enough free space on one’s primary partition, which is used for windows operating system. Therefore it is important for the users to verify that minimum amount of free space available on there window partition or not.
  2. User should always scan their computer for viruses as some viruses may infect Master Boot Record (MBR) or Boot Sector and hence cause blue screen of death.


  1. User must always be aware of that his/her viruses scanning are completely up to date and it configured to scan the MBR and boot sector. Expired scanning software’s are not of any use.
  2. Free Bootable Antivirus Tools can be used by the users if they can’t get far enough to run virus scan from within windows.
  3. Now a days Microsoft continuously releases some of the service packs and patches for their existing operating systems, which generally contain fixes for the cause of their BSOD. Therefore user should always apply window packs and other updates.
  4. Generally most of the Blue Screens of Death are hardware or driver related so user should updated drivers, which could fix the cause of the STOP error.
  5. User should always check the system and application log in event viewer (7/vista XP) for the existing error or warnings.
  6. He/She should return hardware settings to default in device manager. The system resources, having an individual piece of hardware configured to use in the device manager, must always be set to default, but the user should have the specific reason to do so and Blue Screen of Death has been caused due to Non-Default Hardware Settings.
  7. User must return BIOS settings to their default levels as misconfigured BIOS or an overclocked BIOS may cause BSODs and several random issues.
  8. System not placed in correct order may generally show few defects. The system user must make sure that all their internal components, cables or cards are placed in correct order and installed properly. If the hardware is not properly placed generally cause Blue Screen of Death. Therefore user should always reseat the following and then should check for the Stop messages.
  9. User should reseat all the important internal data and power cables.
  10. He/She should always reseat the memory modules
  11. Expansion cards should be reseated by the user.
  12. The important and the root cause of Blue Screen Death is a failing piece of hardware. Therefore it’s necessary for the users to always set diagnostics tests on all available hardware’s.
  13. Testing of system memory is important. User should always test system memory.
  14. After testing system memory, user must test his/her hard disk drive.

If then also system fails, as soon as possible user should replace the hard drive, or should replace the existing memory.

  1. It has been noticed that an outdated BIOS could cause a Blue Screen of Death. Therefore for a regular user it’s important to always update their BIOS.
  2. Minimum and essential required hardware is now a days important to work with. For BSOD issues, a required troubleshooting step should be followed by the user itself. As minimum hardware is necessary to run the operating system means if user’s system runs successfully than it definitely proves any one the removed hardware were the root cause of the Stop messages.

If the hardware is the cause of the Blue Screen Death than:

  1. One should firstly replace the hardware.
  2. One should update the hardware’s firmware
  3. One should make sure that the hardware is on hardware compatibility list.
  4. For the support information one should check with the manufacturer. .

If the software is the cause of the Blue Screen Death than:

  1. Reinstallation of the software is important. One should reinstall the existing software.
  2. He/She should always check for and then must install any available program updates if given.
  3. A regular system user must check with the developers for support information.
  4. Competing program necessary. User should try a competing program.

If one does not satisfy with this given manual should follow PC Error tools:

These are the few tools and techniques to overcome from this type of severe error. To repair or corrupted windows files, he/she must use 0x0000011A repair tools. PC Repair Tool is specially designed to solve problem regarding Blue Screen of Death Error 0x0000011A. One should always download software, follow the given rules and make his/her system error free and also speed up window PC.


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