How to Fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Multiplayer Issues, APPCRASH

Fix Might & Magic Heroes VII Errors

Might & Magic: Heroes VII makes a glorious come back bringing you the essence of turn-based strategy gaming. The game is set in a fantasy world with RPG progression and strong story narrative, so that when you will get on a journey that you will never forget!

This series claims itself to be the best of all the previous ones but after its launch on steam, many users have commented bad reviews for the game due to the issue and bugs of the game. Users are reporting that they can’t start the game, random crashes, freezing, multiplayer issues like constant disconnecting from multiplayer. Below here is the list of all game’s errors in details and a tutorial on how to fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII error and play them without any issue.

Top Fixes To Resolve Fix Might & Magic Game Errors

Fix #1: “Crashes”

Some players facing the constant crashing issue when they are trying to play or when they try to start the game it crashes to the desktop.

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For this, you need to delete the Might and Magic: Heroes VII folder that you have saved in your documents folder. After deleting the folder start the game again this time will get the display screen without any issue.

Fix #2: “Game Not Starting”

Players are reporting that the game simply won’t start, when they click the play button in steam interface no respond seems to happen.

To fix this issue, rename “libcef.dll.old” in “libcef.dll” in the folder “C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher”

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Fix #3: “Multiplayer Issues

The game also has an issue with the multiplayer so players are unable to start it and some are facing constant disconnections.

If you are playing this game on your gaming computer or laptop then it might contain two video cards; one is dedicated and another one is integrated with the CPU. You can also check which video card is currently being used, by entering the “Video Options” menu during the game.

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If your dedicated graphic card is not set as an option then do the following changes:


  • Go to the NVIDIA control panel
  • Now manage 3D settings and select “MMH7Game-Win64-Shipping.exe”
  • If your game is running in the integrated graphics then change it to high performance NVIDIA and then start the game again.


  • Open the Catalyst control center
  • Now go the Dynamic Switchable Graphics Tab
  • After that set the game to run on High Performance

Fix #4: “APPCRASH”

If you are facing “APPCRASH” issue during the game then manually delete the ProfileData that is present in your Might and Magic VII installation folder.

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Fix #5: “Custscenes And Cinematics Full Screen Bug”

If the game is not coming in full screen, check all your drivers that they are updated are not. Always install all the windows updates and for this, you can use the driver update tool to help you all the updates needed.

Fix #6: “Lagging And Stuttering”

If you are facing such lagging and shuttering issue during the game then switch off all the background applications, then restart the game again. After you restart the game, you will notice that the lag has been fixed.


While playing Might & Magic: Heroes 7, if you get different lags and issues then do not worry, just try to fix Might & Magic lags with the help of aforementioned fixes. These are the solutions which are suggested to fix issues that are commonly encountered during Might & Magic game.

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How to Fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Multiplayer Issues, APPCRASH
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How to Fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII Errors, Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Multiplayer Issues, APPCRASH
Might & Magic: Heroes VII game is now showing some lags and bugs, try to fix Might & Magic: Heroes VII game issues with the fixes mentioned in this blog.
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