How to Fix Dragon Ball XenoVerse Crashes, Errors, Lag, Freezing, Connection Error

Dragon Ball XenoVerseDragon Ball XenoVerse is the new PC game that was released in the month of February this year. It is obvious that players will find lots of problem while launching and playing this game. In this blog you will find several fixes for Dragon Ball XenoVerse. So, here are some of the issues and their solutions, assuming you are meet the minimum system requirements.

1. Dragon Ball XenoVerse crash

Problem – This crash is associated with bug that will stop you from finishing the story mode. It mainly occurs during the Cell Jr storyline.

Solution – To fix this issue just set the graphics settings to default until you pass this story mode chapter. Also try to check the game cache in Steam and playing the game in offline mode for the duration of this story mode.

2. Dragon Ball XenoVerse crash on startup

Problem – Some players may also face the following problems: While running the game, it crashes and display the following error messages – “Dragonball XenoVerse has stopped working

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Solution – To fix this issue follow the below steps:

  • Click on “Start” button then click on “Run” and then type ‘msconfig’.
  • Now select the ‘boot’ from the msconfig and then go to Advanced Options.
  • Now check that “Number of processors” option is checked and select 12.

After this restart your Windows PC and then run the game, you will not face this problem anymore.

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3. Crash when loading next area

Problem – When loading next area while playing story mode your game get crash

Solution – While you play story mode and if your game crashes then you can try to disable the Steam overlay. This solution is confirmed as it works for at least for some players.

4. No Anisotropic Filtering

Problem – Is there no option for Anisotropic Filtering in the game.

Solution – well, you can force Anisotropic Filtering from in the force from the graphic card control. But 16x is suggested.

5. Graphic effects bug

Problem – If you are using Vsync in game then you will find a bug, you will miss some of the graphics effects such as aura and ki attacks effects.

Solution – To fix this, you have to turn OFF Vsync in game and force it externally through graphics card control panel.

6. Dragon Ball XenoVerse crashing randomly

Problem – Sometimes Dragon Ball XenoVerse may crash randomly.

Solution – To prevent this problem, play the game in the windowed mode. From your Steam library right click the game, select Properties>Set Launch Options and then in the text box type “Windowed”.

7. Unable to play Dragon Ball XenoVerse on 32 bit Operating System

Problem – Dragon Ball XenoVerse is designed only for 64 bit OS hence you cannot play it on 32 bit.

Solution – To fix this issue you have the only option that you must update your OS to 64 bit.

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