Guide to Fix “Windows Support Alert” pop-up

how to fix “Windows Support Alert”Is your computer or Laptop showing “Windows Support Alert” Pop-up? Is this error encourages you to report this issue to a ‘technical center‘ via the telephone number “+1-855-393-4537“?

If the answers to above discussed questions are YES, then it is sure your PC/Laptop is suffering from a Tech-Support-Scam.

Windows Support Alert is same as the other fake errors such as Microsoft Azure, Google Security Warning, Internet Security Alert etc…

Like other fake scams, Windows Support Alert is also triggered by a malicious website. By visiting any malicious website unintentionally OR redirecting by any potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) this type of scam gets inserted into the system.

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According to the Computer security professionals, PUPs generally infiltrate Windows systems without showing any notification or users’ permission.

If you are thinking that “Windows Support Alert” is distributed by the Microsoft then you are wrong. If your PC’s web browser is showing “Windows Support Alert” then you need to scan your PC immediately.

The “Windows Support Alert” pop-up is one of the nasty Tech-Support-Scam currently spreading on the Internet. This kind of fake alerts try to mimic official Microsoft’s alerts, so you need to be careful. Microsoft doesn’t send this kind of warning about virus infections and unknown error codes.

It is still not clear that what is the source of “Windows Support Alert” scam and why this scam is created for? But it is sure that this scam is designed to do data loss, identity theft, money loss, and similar.


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The “Windows Support Alert” scam affect any Windows versions and any web browsers, therefore it doesn’t matter what OS and web browser you are using. Once you visit doubtful third-party websites also called trap then your system may get infected by this kind of malicious things.

Although this fake alert provides an Ignore Alert button and it doesn’t work. The “Windows Support Alert” error also freezes the web browser, so you need to close the chrome forcefully using Task Manager.


How did Your System gets Infected with potentially unwanted programs?

Generally, maliciously PUPs penetrates the systems without the need of the admin permissions. This is because of the lack of knowledge and careless actions executed by many users.

Disturbing ads are usually distributed via the “bundling” method, together with a misleading marketing strategy known as “bundling“.

So that it is recommended to avoid downloading free software from unknown sources because it came with other malicious bundled tools.

If your system is infected with this Microsoft virus and your PC/Laptop is showing fake windows security alert then you need to apply the below-given instructions and remove this counterflix virus as soon as possible.


Guide to Fix “Windows Support Alert” Error

  • First, you need to open the task manager, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the Windows Task Manager.
  • Now you need to find the process of your web browser, click on it, and choose End Task.

After ending the malicious process on your system, now it is suggested to reset your web browser’s default settings. Follow the below-given method to do that:

  • For Windows 10 you need to open the Apps Section by pressing Windows key + I
  • If you are using any previous Windows versions then you should navigate to Control Panel-> Programs & Features.
  • Now, you need to verify the list of installed programs very carefully. If you found any unknown programs then uninstall them.
  • Also, remove/uninstall the program that you did not install purposely.
  • Click on the program and choose Uninstall.

  • After it, open your web browser

Note: Avoid restoring the last browsing session.

  • Click on the Menu icon and open Settings.
  • Find the Reset or Refresh option and click on it.
  • In order to save all the modifications, reboot your PC and check if the “Windows Support Alert” is fixed or not.



If all fixed then it is recommended to scan your PC with a professional PC Error Repair Tool. This tool is specially designed to get rid of all issues that appear on the PC after “Windows Support Alert” scam.System Mechanic - Special Offer

Simply, download, install and run this tool on your PC. This will fix your infected PC and make them completely error free.

Guide to Fix “Windows Support Alert” pop-up?
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