Guide to Fix Bad Pool Header Error on Windows 10

bad pool header win 10

Windows 10 Bad Pool Header Error is one of the most annoying errors or any Computer or Laptop users. This error belongs to the Blue Screen of Death error, as it appears along with the blue screen and constantly restarts your PC in order to stop the potential damage.

Once this error affects any PC/Laptop, the user gets unable to boot their Windows 10 system at all.

Blue Screen Error BAD_POOL_HEADER appear with a value 0x00000019, which shows that the pool header is damaged and in order to overcome this issue you need to apply all the below-given fixes one by one.

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But, before applying any of the given solutions you need to boot your Windows 10 system into safe mode. Even if you are able to boot your Windows 10 system normally, then you need to go to Safe Mode. It is because to avoid the error while trying to fix it OR applying the solutions.

Causes of Bad_Pool_Header Error in Windows 10

There are lots of causes behind this BSoD error, but some known causes are as follows:

  • Damaged/Broken Registry Entries.
  • Damaged Hard Disk Drive.
  • Third Party Anti-virus or Anti-Malware Software.
  • Corrupt or Bad RAM.
  • Damaged/Outdated or Corrupt System Drivers.
  • Misplaced/Corrupt Windows System files.


Solutions to Repair Blue Screen of Death Bad Pool Header Error on Windows 10

#1: Turn off Fast Startup

To disable fast boot on Windows 10, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Press Window logo button and simultaneously. Now choose Power Options on the pop-up menu.
  2.  After it, select an option “Choose what the power button does” this option is available in the left panel

  3. Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  4. Uncheck the box available along with the Turn on fast startup (recommended) and click on Save changes button.

#2: Make Sure that the Registry Database is Error Free

In the causes section, broken registry is at the top. So in order to fix Bad_Pool_Header Error screen, you should make sure that your system has a healthy registry database.

Registry database can get damaged due to lots of reasons; improper system shutdown, improper installation and un-installation of Software and much more.

To remove all the junk registry keys and make registry database efficient you need a professional Registry Repair Tool. As with the help of registry repair tool you can make your Windows system’s registry database ok.

Cleaning Registry entries manually is not recommended as a small mistake while operating with the windows registry can corrupt your entire system. That’s why it is suggested to go with a professional Windows Registry Cleaner.


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This tool will clean all the junk Registry Entries on Windows PC and make PC Healthy and Error Free. 


#3: Reinstall your wireless card drivers

BAD_POOL_HEADER is generally caused by the outdated or incompatible device driver. According to some users, this issue was fixed after uninstalling wireless network card from their computer or laptop.

Follow the below-given steps to uninstall your wireless network card:

Press Windows + X key from keyboard and select Device Manager from the menu.

  1. After opening the Device Manager, find your wireless network adapter, right click it and select Uninstall.
  2. After uninstalling the driver, reboot your computer.

It is also recommended to update all the installed device drivers, this is the way to overcome from all types of BSoD Error. If you are unable to update Windows system drivers manually then go with a professional Windows Driver Updater Tool.

This tool will quickly update all the outdated drivers installed on your PC, simply download and install driver updater and it will fix all types of driver related issues automatically.


#4: Reset Windows 10

If you are still unable to fix BAD_POOL_HEADER error, then you should reset your Windows 10 system.

But after resetting Windows 10 system all your installed applications gets deleted, so it is recommended to create a backup of your system and store them in a different place (How to backup files to the other drive & Restore them in Windows 10?). Or create a system restore point.

 Follow the below-given steps to reset Windows 10 PC:

  1. Reboot your computer few times.
  2. This will take your PC into Automatic Repair mode.
  3. Click on the Repair your computer and select Troubleshoot.
  4. Choose Reset this PC.
  5. Choose to Keep my files option and simply go after the instructions.

If you are still unable to overcome from this error then, repeat the entire step and select Remove everything > Only the drive where Windows is installed > Just remove my files.

NOTE: After going through the above-mentioned steps all the files file be deleted from your C drive.


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Complete Tutorial to Repair Bad Pool Header Error on Windows 10
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