Get Rid of White Title-bars in Windows 10

Remove White Title-bars in Windows 10 In new Windows 10, Microsoft has changes many things. If you are using the new version, you can see it uses the White Title-Bars in all program Windows. This is a big change from Windows 8, 8.1, which allows users to pick any color according to their requirement. This is slightly unexpected for some users as they expect it to match the accent color.


In Windows 10, the colorization features are disabled so whether your window is active or not, they always show in White color. For many users, the White title bar look unpleasant and it is hard to find the active or inactive Windows for them.

In the previous version of Windows like 8, 8.1, users provided with the opportunity to choose colored title-bars based on their wallpaper so for them it is easy to know where an active or inactive Windows is.

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There is a way to get back the accent matched title-bars and here we provide you some easy tricks which enable the colored title bars in Windows 10. You can also change the color of the title bars based upon your current wallpaper. By using these tricks, you can also able to get back style Window border of Windows 8, 8.1 in Windows 10.

These tricks only affect your traditional Desktop apps, not the universal apps. The Universal apps will always use the white color so that the developer will specify the color of title bar of different window.

The “Aero Lite” theme is capable in enabling the colored title bars in Windows 10. This theme is also uses in Windows 8 operating system. It is a simple and easy theme created for your system which did not contain the consistent support of hardware for Aero glass effect.

To get back the colored title bars in your program Windows, you have to enable the “Aero Lite” theme. First you have to activate and apply “Aero Lite” theme in Windows 10 by using the given method.

Steps to Enable “Aero Lite” Theme in Windows 10

Window 8 introduced “Aero Lite” theme to replace“Windows Basic theme that are also present in Window Vista and Window 7.The Aero glass and other effects are not provided in Aero Lite theme. This theme is created for cheapest computers which doesn’t have hardware compatibility to support the main theme for Windows.


To enable Aero Lite theme in Windows 10 you have the follow the given method. The steps are:

  • To launch RUN dialog box, together press key Win+R. After then, type “Resource” and press Enter. It will open the “Resources” folder in Windows.
  • Once your “Resources” folder is open, double-click on “Themes” folder present in it. This folder contains all .theme files like aero.theme, theme1.theme and theme2.thrme.


In Themes folder, you can see aerolite.msstyles files in “aero” folder that means the Aero Lite theme is still present.

  • Now you have to create a .theme file for Aero Lite theme. In Themes folder you will see aero.theme file, you have to copy this file and paste in your Desktop.
  • In Notepad, open the new file after renaming to aerolite.theme. Right-click on the file and select “Open with”, after then from the list select Notepad.
  • You have to change two things in the aerolite.theme file after opening in Notepad.
  • In 5th line, change the “DisplayName” value. After the equal sign, there is a string given. Replace this to any name such as Aero Lite.


  • After then, you need to select this new .theme file to aerolite.msstyles file. Scroll down and go to [“VisualStyles]” section. Now in line 51, replace aero.msstyles with aerolite.msstyles.


  • Save your file and move it to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder which contains other .theme file.
  • Open Desktop Personalization Window; here you will get back your hidden Aero Lite theme.

You will get the colored title bars in windows 10 after applying the “Aero Lite” theme.


NOTE: If you are using the above method to activate “Aero Lite” theme in Windows 10, the title bars will not change its color based on the wallpaper and always show in blue color because in Windows 10, the Autocolorization value is set to in default Aero theme.

You can enable the colorization feature for titlebar, Start Menu and Task Bar by following the given steps:

  1. In Start Menu, open Settings app and go to Personalization -> Colors section. You can also open it by right clicking on Desktop and select Personalizeoption
  2. Now enable the given options:
  • Go to My background and pick an accent color.
  • Show color on Start, taskbar and action center.


After then, you will get your colored Start-Menu along with program title-bars and border in Windows 10.

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