Top 10 Tested Solutions to Fix Error Code 429 – A Runtime Error Windows 8

fix directX Error Code 429Runtime Error in Windows 8 is normal and often appears as an error code 429. It is a well known error and like the previous version of windows now it is common in Windows 8. Computer users might have experienced this error while launching a certain program or application.

Just due to this error code an application or program can crash or shut down immediately. It appears with different messages and alerts and ends your desired application or program. There are various reasons that invite this error such as corrupt system files, Registry error, and virus infection. If you are facing run-time error in windows 8 then you can easily fix it by following the below-prescribed solution:


Top 10 Tested Solutions 

  1. Update DirectX
  2. Repair your system files
  3. Re-register DAO350.dll file
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Security software
  6. Restore System
  7. Register the Concerned File Properly
  8. Properly install Windows Script
  9. Check for Windows Updates
  10. Automatic Solution


Update DirectX:

Outdated version of DirectX can also cause directX Error Code 429 in Windows 8 or 8.1 systems. It is an important part, and should be updated follow the steps to updated the version to get rid of this error:

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  • Download DirectX from Microsoft’s Official websites.
  • Double click on setup file and start installation
  • Press I Accept the Agreement after this press on next button
  • Press finish when the installation process gets completed
  • Restart your operating system.


Repair your system files

The corrupt or damaged system files are one of the reasons behind the runtime error. Follow the steps to fix the error code 429:

  • Insert Windows Installation disc CD/DVD ROM
  • Click Windows Start button and then click Run
  • Type SFC in Run Box, hit Enter and then click on Scan Now button


DAO350.dll file

It is one of the Microsoft Office files which can be the reason behind the error 429 in Windows 8. If DAO350.dll file gets corrupt then it refuses the application to run properly. Thus to get rid of this issue you need to re-register the file by following the below steps:

  • Click on Windows Start button and press Run dialog box
  • In Run dialog Box type regsvr.exe C:\progra~1\common~1\micros~1\dao\dao350.dll
  • Click on Ok button to finish!

You can locate DAO350.dll file from the system where MS Office program is working properly.


Internet Explorer settings

Inaccurate settings of Internet Explorer can also invite this issue. Follow the below steps to get rid of error code 429.

  • Launch Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Go to Tools Tab and then choose Internet Options
  • Click on Reset Button and confirm the changes
  • Close the browser and Reboot it


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Security Software

Sometimes virus and other malicious malware infect the file and pass through the security solution.  The error code 429 in Windows 8 might occur due to virus infection. So use antivirus program to get rid of virus attack.


Restore System

Restoring Windows system can repair error-429 Windows PC/Laptop. If you want to restore your system then follow the below-given steps carefully.

  • Click on the Windows button and go to the Search option
  • Search for the Control Panel and open it
  • In the control panel window again search for the Recovery and tap or click Recovery
  • At last, tap or click on the Open System Restore, now you have to simply follow the on-screen instructions to accomplish the restoring process.


Register the Important File Properly

Sometimes, it is found that error description specifies a particular file name. If this is the condition then you can deal with the error by registering the specified file properly in the Registry database.

With the help of command prompt one can easily re-register the required file, follow the below-given steps carefully to do this task:

Step 1: First of all you have to exit from all the programs or close them

Step 2: Click on the Windows Start button and type CMD in the Search box and press ENTER

Step 3: After opening the command prompt window, now you need to type the Regsvr32 command and press the Enter key.

See the below-given example:

IF the OCX file name is vbalexpbar6.ocx then you have to type

regsvr32 vbalexpbar6.ocx

And then press the Enter key to run the command.

After running the given command, now close the command prompt. Type EXIT and press ENTER key.

Check for the error and you will see that the error is fixed.


Install the Windows Script Properly

WSF or Windows Script File is used by the Microsoft Windows Script Host. This file plays an important role in mixing the scripting languages.

If the Windows Script installation or uninstall not done properly then it can trigger error 429. Hence it is suggested to install the Windows Script properly and after installing check for the error.

Simple, follow the below given steps to do this task:

  • First of all, you have to download the Windows Script from the Microsoft official website.
  • After downloading the Windows Script file, now you have to run and install this. Double-click on the scripten.exe file to install it
  • Be careful while the installation process, if any error occurs while the installation process then you should download the fresh file again from the Microsoft and try to install it.


Make sure that your System is Packed with the Latest Updates

This is one of the important practice to get rid of any types of Windows system errors. As we know that the Microsoft launches several updates and patches to deal with the several security holes, bugs and improve the system performance.

That’s why it is suggested to never avoid any available update and install them as soon as possible:

In order to update Windows follows the below-given steps

  • Go to the Cortana and type ‘Windows update’ in OR you can also search for the ‘Windows Update’.
  • After it, select Check for updates to open the update options directly.
  • Now, click on the Check for updates button. If you find any pending update then press a Download button to install them to your Windows.



After applying all the above given tips and tricks, it is hoped that your system will become error-free and fast. It is also recommended to Scan your PC or Laptop via a professional PC Error Scanner. This error repair tool is specially designed to deal with all kinds of PC errors like DLL error, driver issues, registry error and more.

If you are unable to deal with the PC errors via above given manual solutions or unable to apply them then, you should go with this tool and scan your PC to make it efficient and error-free.

Top 10 Tested Solutions to Fix Error Code 429 - A Runtime Error Windows 8
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