How to Fix Dungeon Defenders 2 Launching Error

Fix Dungeon Defenders 2 ErrorWe all know this that almost every game is designed for PCs have some issue that need to be deal with before it is released. But sometime the games are released on trial version to find out which area need improvement.

Dungeon Defenders 2 have some issues that you might experience while playing those game that is why it is advised to check the issues below just to know how to fix the issues when it happen to you. Here you got some issues which user have experienced.

How to Fix Dungeon Defenders 2 Crash, Error, Won’t Launch, Hero, Upgrade, Lag, Name Change, Teleport

  1. My game does not launch

To resolve this issue verify your game cache and reboot your game, this might solve the issue.

  1. Motionsickness

If you have came across this then you either need to turn off the camera shake or turn off post-processing that will be present in window options.

  1. Cannot create another hero

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It is very important to remember that you can only have 3 heroes and though you can add 3 other heroes to 6 the extra three can be managed from hero manager option.

  1. Upgrading stuff

You have to pick the item you want to upgrade and place it in the middle of upgrade window put the item you want to substitute with the item around and hit on the upgrade button. You should ensure that you have enough gold for particular upgrade to take action.

  1. What should I use in-game currency for?

It is used to buy the items that are not necessary but have an impact on actual play of the game like purchasing cosmetics. You should remember that this feature is not yet implemented.

  1. Teleporting?

If you face teleporting then simply confirm that your location has a secure internet connection and speed of your net connection is excellent.

  1. Does it have split-screen or not?

This feature is not yet integrated in DD2 but soon it will be available.

  1. Press “G” to start the game but it doesn’t work

Just move to the games settings and set it to default. Hope this solve the problem.

  1. Big Lag

If you are facing lagging then the problem can be with your internet connection so first check your internet connection and its speed.

  1. Modifying the name

It is not possible to modify your in-game name from player’s interface.

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