Fix Bluescreen / Crash on new Windows 8 computer


Bluscreen of death is the very dangerous computer error because it totally hangs the computer screen and without restarting computer system we cannot access the computer again.  This is very frustrating and annoying error, this error is also very difficult to remove. The Blue screen error generally occurs due to the problem in computer system hardware or hardware drivers.

What was the last thing user was doing before computer Blue Screened?

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  • Did you just plug-in any external hard drive?
  • Did you attach any other hardware devices in the computer?
  • Did you try to install any other OS or upgrade your computer’s Operating system?

The “Blue Screen of Death,” Microsoft Windows’ is very famous error message. In this error message the error shows that Windows has experienced an unrecoverable error and needs to restart. There are various reasons for this error, some of the reasons related to BSoD error are given bellow:

Registry files Related Problem in Your System:

Computer registry files are responsible to perform the any execution accurately on the computer system. Registry files are also responsible to supply the available hardware in any computer system. This error message can appears due to registry errors, if any registry files get corrupt then due to it OS face problem to divide the tasks and hardware. Sao it is necessary to fix this problem apply any registry cleaner tool to repair registry files of your computer.

Problem in Software programs:

Due to a corrupted software program a computer can also start displaying this type of error so it is necessary to find the corrupt application program and repair it to fix the BSoD error. If the application program gets corrupt due to any bug then remove that bug from the computer system as soon as possible or uninstall the corrupt software program from the computer.

To Uninstall a corrupt application program go to Control Panel > Add or uninstall programs > Select the program that you want to uninstall.

Hardware problem:

it is the most common reason of blue screen of death error, if you install any new hardware to your computer then due to incompatibility or any other hardware reasons your windows 8 computer can restart unexpectedly and display a blue screen of death error. To check that this error is happen due to newly installed hardware uninstall or remove the hardware and boot your computer if windows start normally then it is sure that there is problem in hardware.

Tips and Tricks to avoid Blue screen errors from Windows 8:

  1. Always prefer and install original software-Most of the computer bugs come with the pirated software and that bugs and computer malware can affect the registry files.
  2.  Shut down your Windows 8 systems properly– If you uninstall your computer improperly then it can affect your computer applications and due to this a computer windows start displaying BSoDS error.
  3. Disable unwanted start-up programs– By doing this you can remove the load from your computer system. To do this task follows below steps.
  • Press Start key + R then in the run dialog box type “msconfig
  • Now System Configuration windows will appear select Selective start-up and then click on Start-up button.
  • Now select all the unwanted programs but be careful and don’t select any Microsoft named program and after it click on disable.

How to fix this error

Try to troubleshooting blue screen of death error through system restore

To do this task you have to open the command prompt because GUI is not working, if you have some technical knowledge then you can easily execute this process but if you don’t have any technical knowledge then avoid this repairing process and try any third party BSoDS error repair tool.

To do this follow the below given steps:

1. Reboot computer and press F8 button.

2. Now, select safe mode by using arrow keys.

3. Now, you log on as administrator because it is compulsory to execute the rest of process.

4. Open the command prompt and type ‘%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe‘ and press enter.

5. Now, follow the screen instructions carefully to restore the system.

If you boot your computer in safe mode and your computer start with blue screen of death screen then you might have to check the computer’s memory. Check that RAM of your computer is inserted properly or not.

The above given tricks are only for those users that have some technical knowledge or experience to open the PCU of the computer. Bu if you are unable to fix this error by applying the above given method then you have to use any third party blue screen of death repair tool. This tool will help you to remove this error. You can easily operate this tool because this tool doesn’t need any technical knowledge so one can fix BSoDS error completely.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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