Fix 0xc000000e error for Windows 7, 8, 8.1


If you are encountering boot error 0xc000000e in any of the following operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on your PC, then how can it be fixed? In order to fix this problem you should have the installation disc for your Windows so that you can access the tools command line. In order to solve the boot error that is affecting is affecting the Windows version 7 and 8, in that case you have to follow the guide that is mentioned below.

Fix error messages:

You have to search for the “Missing or corrupt winload.exe“in this way you can troubleshoot this error. You would generally encounter this error when the Windows’ BOOTMGR is trying to load the Boot or BCD registry (master boot record) you would generally encounter this error, which either has a bad configuration or has been corrupt. You would generally find that status code would appear and the boot loading process would stop.

Sample 0xc000000e error

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 the error message may look a bit different, but irrespective of your OS version the “Status:” message is going to be “0xc000000e”. Here is the screen shot of the Windows Boot Manager.The boot error 0xc000000e

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How to fix 0xc000000e error 

In order to fix this error you should have Windows CD or DVD Setup along with you. Here are some methods how you can fix 0xc000000e error that is as follows:

Methods 1: Make sure nothing is plugged in 

Before making any Startup Repair or typing the command line, it is generally advised to restart your PC with minimum number of devices plugged in it. In this way you would make sure or cross checking that nothing has been recently plugged into your system. You should unplug the CDs, DVDs, USB discs, memory card reader etc.

Methods 2: Use Windows in-built Automatic Repair

In order to access the Automatic Repair from an install disc the steps are mentioned below:

  1. Boot from Windows install disc
  2. Click Next in the setup page after you have selected the keyboard input, language, and time
  3. Choose Repair your computer and click Troubleshoot
  4. Select the Advanced options
  5. Click on Automatic Repair and choose your operating system.

Method 3: Rebuilding the BCD

As the boot error generally occurs due to a bad configured or corrupted master boot sector, then the only solution is rebuilding the BCD (master boot sector).

The steps for rebuilding the BCD are mentioned below:

  1. Boot from your install disc
  2. Select the Repair your computer after you have chosen the language, time etc.
  3. Choose your Windows installation drive, that is generally C:\, and select Next
  4. When the System Recovery Options box appears, then choose the Command Prompt
  5. Write the following command “bootrec / rebuildbcd” and then press Enter.

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