PC Repair Tool Features

pc repair tool featuresThere are many things that can slow down or corrupt your Computer. PC Repair Tool fixes all the registry errors and optimizes your PC and solves other common computer frustrations.

By scanning your system with PC Repair Tool you can detect and fix:

  • Windows Installer Errors
  • Windows Startup Errors
  • Active X Control problems
  • Active X Errors
  • Most exe Errors
  • Registry Errors
  • Window Explorer Errors
  • Windows Media Player Errors
  • Windows OS Problems
  • I sass.exe, SVCHost.exe
  • IExplore & System 32 Errors
  • DLL Errors
  • Slow PC Performance
  • System Crashes
  • Runtime Errors
  • Scan Disk
  • Dr Watson Errors
  • Chkdsk Issues
  • Javascript Errors
  • Computer Freezing
  • Driver Errors
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • Corrupt Registry Files
  • Vista, XP, 2000, 98 & ME Issues
  • Load Windows Faster
  • Task Manager related
  • Computer and Application Shutdown
  • Prevents PC from Freezing and Crashing
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Easy to use, saving you time & money
  • Run applications smoothly
  • Regain disk space
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • Maintain your system like new
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Protects your privacy
  • Improve Internet Explorer

How PC Repair Tool improves your PC’s performance

  1. Fixes system errors: It thoroughly cleans all the system errors that cause freezing, crashes, slowdown and degradation of pc performance.
  2. Removes malware: Viruses and malware that corrupt your PC by causing all the performance problems can be rectified using this software.
  3. Improves Startup problems: Sometimes some startup programs take some time to open then this software try to launch only those programs which is needed to start the system.
  4. Defrag memory: You can split up your files to smaller parts or gets hided. This takes a lot of time to find them and defragmenting puts the piece close together and improves to recall and save time.
  5. Clean you’re PC: It lets you to get rid of temporary items, junk files and other clutter that slows down your system. It even deleted the privacy files that contain confidential data. This advanced program cleans the system in many ways.
  6. Fixes Outlook Express errors: Outlook Express is known for having bugs but you can fix all these error very easily. Most of the common errors that occur in Outlook Express are corruption of mailbox files, corrupted registry entries or conflicts with other programs.

fix-pcPowerful Features of PC Repair Tool

• Automatic/Manual Removal
• Shows scan progress
• Back-up Registry
• Built in scheduler
• Deletes empty registry Keys
• Checks invalid Class Keys
• Checks Shell Extension
• Checks invalid Help Files
• Checks Invalid Shared known DLL’s
• Checks invalid Paths
• Compress or Defrag Registry
• Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs
• Scans for Invalid Program shortcuts
• Removes Duplicate files
• Checks Application Path Keys/Orphan References
• Checks Invalid Fonts
• Checks Invalid File Types//Extensions/Entries
• Startup manager
• Checks Invalid CLSID/Typelib/Interface Entries

PC Repair Tool fixes Windows errors and cleans and optimizes your Windows Registry and corrects the following:

    •  COM/ActiveX: Invalid entries of COM or ActiveX object in the Windows registry cause application failures, document and information loss, and crash of system. This Tool scans and removes these entries automatically.
    •  Uninstalls the Entries: When the application installer does not set the un-installation process then registry becomes clogged with invalid entries. This Tool helps to find the registry for invalid information that is left behind with incorrect uninstall processes.
    •  Font Entries: The word processing applications may often cause application errors that are caused by missing or corrupt font files. This Tool helps to resolve these inconsistencies by ensuring that font files take up space in the registry are valid.
    •  Shared DLLs: In registry if there is invalid entries in Shared DLL’s then it may cause certain type of application failure which is commonly known as “DLL Hell”. PC Repair Tool helps to repair and restoring the Registry automatically.
    • Application Paths: the disk directories that are not referenced correctly can lead to failure of programs. This Tool scans and fixes then Application Paths section of the Window registry.
    •  Help Files Information: When you are looking for help on an application and it is about to crash. This Tool takes care of these invalid help file references so that you need to worry about the registry that contains incorrect help information.
    • Windows Startup Errors: PC Repair Tool quickly finds and deletes the missing programs entries from the startup items area of Windows registry. The incorrect installation programs cause’s problems without you realize it.
    • File/Path References: Some of the registry items that is associated with non-existent files and folders-temporary files that are used for storage. This Tool helps you to remove invalid entries you scanning the system.
    •  Program Shortcuts: the incorrect shortcuts that can cause the applications to take much longer to start-or stop them from running at all. This Tool finds these entries and removes them for you.
    •  Empty the Registry Keys: This Tool helps you to remove all the Registry Keys that have no value, sweeps out the useless entries that clogs up the system.
    •  Shell Extensions: The Shell extension provides you with useful enhancements with the working of environment of your PC. The invalid entries cause irregularities that frustrate and slow your system down. This Tool scans and finds these entries so that it can remove them permanently.fix
    •  Custom Scans: You can customize the This Tool to let it scan your registry by selecting only the items that you want to be scanned.
    •  Automatic Scanning: This Tool can create schedules by which you can scan registry automatically by time you choose. With the scheduling feature you can set more than one schedule to run daily, weekly, monthly, at system startup, and more.
    •  Selection and Removal: You can choose the items which This Tool can detect after completing the registry scan.
    •  Ignore List: This Tool offers you the ability to ignore items that can detect the registry by scanning. By this way you can ignore the subsequent scans. You can even manage and Ignore List of what items you want to scan and remove in the future.
    • Automatic Repair: This Tool lets you to perform automatic repair of detected items after scanning. You can configure the settings so that repair of detected items can occur after scanning each.
    • Backup and Restores: This Tool creates an automatic backup by which you can restore any items anytime.
    • Startup Management: This tool quickly and easily accesses all the programs that get launched when you start your system. You can enable and disable these applications in Manage Startup list in few clicks.
    • Fixes Outlook Express Errors: Outlook Express is known for having bugs but you can fix all these error very easily. Most of the common errors that occur in Outlook Express are corruption of mailbox files, corrupted registry entries or conflicts with other programs. If you come across following problems then most likely it would be result of Outlook Express installation program is damaged.
    • Getting Started: The main user is interface is very easy to use. The navigation options lies on the left-hand side of the screen. You can select the program’s features from there and start using Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer.
    • Registry Cleaner: The Registry Cleaner tool is very helpful for keeping the registry clean and fixing registry errors. it will also scan the invalid program shortcuts and fix them.In order to run a scan with RegAce, the first step is to elect or deselect the checkboxes to customize your scan. When you select or deselect the checkboxes, the program will remember the categories for further custom scans. The next step is to click on the Start Scan button to scan and fix errors in the selected categories.
    • Internet Optimizer: it has a built-in function that will easily optimize your Internet connection and make your Internet faster and more secure. it will analyze the computer’s configuration and also optimize your connection setting in order to match your hardware and software.
    • Service Manager: Windows is a complex operating system that runs hundreds of services. Mostly home computers don’t need advanced services for office and networking use. The built-in Service Manager will analyze your way of operating computer and apply the optimal services configuration.
    • Registry Defragmenter: The Windows registry is a complicated database whose function is to store all Windows settings in a structured manner. The registry becomes bloated as the time passes. The speed of the computer becomes slow because the registry is fully kept in computer memory. The Registry Defragmenter of RegAce makes the registry more compact and it results in faster registry access and speed up Windows startup.
    • Note: it defragments the registry on Windows boot. So, it is very important to close all other running applications before launching defragmentation.
    • Startup Manager: it contains a startup manager which allows you to configure the list of Windows startup items. Some programs configure themselves to run on Windows startup when you install software on your computer. It takes too long for your operating system to fully loaded when more programs start on Windows boot. Now it becomes very easy to disable unnecessary startup items and reduces computer startup time.
    • Backups: it backs up all the settings before performing any actions. The program becomes completely safe to use because you can always make the changes disable made to your system settings.
    • Summary: it provides the function to quickly check the state of your system. To perform this action, click on the Summary menu item and you will get the latest scan results.
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