How to fix computer freezing?

defragging your computer

Nothing can be more frustrating for a PC user is seeing their computer in frequent lock up. But to overcome this situation is very easy. Here are some of the most common causes of PC freezing and solution they are as follow :


Whenever the computer gets locked up the first thing you need to do is press these three buttons simultaneously this will open the task bar in which you can close the programs that are freezing up your computer. This does not work for all freezes, but it is an effective way for solving many of the common computer problems.

Too many applications

Sometimes computer freezing is because of the bunch of applications. If the word document, music player, internet browser and video game open the computer may not have sufficient RAM and processing power to deal with the information. In some case it causes computer freezing.


The computer may even freeze due to excess of heating. In such case you need to take necessary steps to increase the capacity of cooling. You can try cleaning some of the dust out, replace the bad fan. If you use your PC for gaming then video card may get overheated after prolong use in warm environment. The overheating of the components is followed by Blue Screen of Death error or computer will freeze without giving any warning.

Eliminate viruses and spyware

The computer lock up may be because of the computer viruses. Sometimes the virus may steal your resources, lead to computer lock up under load. Otherwise they may freeze in order to trick you into expensive piece of removal software. If you have any malware on your system you need to have a good anti-virus program.

Run housekeeping tasks on your computer

There are certain things that need be done on a regular basis to the PC in order to keep it optimized. It is like defragmentation of disk, running of disk check, cleaning the browser’s cache and cookies that fixes all the common PC problems. The computer may frequently freeze then  by running the application you may eliminate the problem.

Run the computer in safe mode

If you are running windows enabled PC then enter into the safe mode by pressing F8 during starting the computer. The safe mode disables all of the most essential tasks which fix all the problems. In general the Windows gets fairly stable which lead to problem when you start to add programs and hardware onto the system. So you start your system in the Safe.

Why is PC Cleaner a highly recommended program?


There are lots of programs that are unrealistic increases the performance, unbelievable virus’s removal rates. However all of them are legitimate. The PC Repair Tool may help in better functionality, usability and effectiveness. Here are some of the things that make the PC Repair Tool is the best tool.

People may be sick of buying ten different programs in order to make the PC run smoothly. It offers an All-in-One solution that cleans your registry, optimizes the internet, prevents the malware and even speed ups your PC.

It is an effective program that protects your identity and lets you defragment the hard drive. All it does with the help of few buttons, so in spite of all the level of PC skills your computer starts to run the best in no time at all.

In separate package all the program may cost a huge amount of money. However the PC Repair Tool can be a great value if you want all the programs. If you’re not ensuring of buying it then this tool even offers you with free trial.

It is the most effective way to stop malware from hijacking your system. There are number of causes of computer slowdowns and performance issues is malware, the developers of the PC Repair Tool made elimination of problems which is their main focus.

The PC Repair Toolis recommended by technological professionals as the best solution for the PC users. Running a fast and healthy PC is not so difficult and PC Repair Tool makes it possible in any way.

Why is defragging your computer so important?


The programs such as PC Repair Tool allow the users to quickly and easily defragment their hard drive. While many of the users may know about the easy way to improve the performance of the PC, but it is not necessary that they may know about the defragmenting tool.

The primary purpose of the defragmenter is bringing the similar files in a certain area of the hard drive. So whenever computer needs to access the files it will not need to waste the time scanning back and forth over the disk in order to collect them all.

Defragmentation of the hard drive is moving the important operating system files closer to the center of the disk, which can increase the speed at which the computer boots up. Simply the hard drive will not need to scan back and forth for finding the essential files that it needs.

By the reduction of drainage of the hard drive you can exceeds its lifespan. The constant scanning and accessing of the data leads to hard drive failure by relieving at least it’s some of its load and it can effectively increase the number of years the computer is around you.

Though the Windows comes with a defragmentation tool it is not the best solution. Instead you should look for specialized defragmentation tool that can offer you with bundle of more compressive package such as antivirus software or registry cleaners. For this reason it is highly recommended that you buy this PC Repair Tool.

What causes computer errors?


There are number of things that lead to computer errors to cover them all you need several thousand pages. However there are some of the most common things that lead to computer errors which you can prevent from happening.steal my identity online

Viruses and malware: The most common computer errors are viruses and malware each of which hijacks the computer for malicious purposes. The Spyware, keyloggers, and hijackers are some of the dangerous ones. Malware are in all shape and sizes and you should be immediately removed from the PC if it detects. To get rid of it you need to invest in a good antivirus program that will help you to spot the malicious threats early.

Clutter: The computer clutter comes in many forms. For example the clutter of the Windows Registry which prevents applications from running properly. If the hard drive is filled with unnecessary browser cookies and cache information, it can lead to many errors. Fortunately there are many cost effective programs that help you in eliminating the clutters from your PC. Or if you eliminate the clutter yourself you can uninstall the old, unused the programs or delete the browser cache information.

Poor internet browsing: The internet can be very scary and dangerous if your browser is not configured properly. Put your unsecured browser to direct cause of errors on your PC. It prevents from happening in future, you can make use of the internet optimization features on the PC Repair Tool, which can tackle any of the browser problems and dramatically improve the security of your system in future.

Hardware failure: if the components of the PC fail and refrain from repair then it can lead to errors for the rest of the computer. And if the CPU starts to overheat then it can result in performance lag which can pay negative impact on whatever you do on the PC. So update your drivers on a frequent basis and clean out the dust with the help of good air duster.

What is malware?

Malware is a universal term used for any program which tries to damage of the computer. It is a short name for “malicious software” which leads to all security threats and performance problems on your system.

For example some form of malware can steal your information by accessing your bank records, password settings and other sensitive information that are on your computer. There are many security threats that generate annoying pop-up ads.

Viruses of the browsers such as toolbar and malicious cookies are classified as malware. These toolbar sends the browser information to the advertising agencies or hackers network. The other form of the malware can automatically redirect your search engine to malicious sites which adds up more malware on the system or even immediately send out the infected messages to the email or instant messaging contacts.

The advanced form of the malware can turn your PC into one part of larger network of the infected computer. With the use of the bandwidth and processing speed for example the hackers can use the network of thousands of computers to host its illegal files online. It is hard to detect this type of malware and the only thing you may notice is lagging of the internet speed during uploading process.

For preventing the malware from infecting the system it is the best to find the program that secures your entire PC. Many of the programs offer you with antivirus protection with browser security features. By investing on such programs you can avoid security threats.

How can people steal my identity online?


With the more activities prevailing online –banking, social networking and shopping there are more opportunities for everyone with malicious intent to steal the information. The identity can be stolen on different ways.

If you are in a public place some can look over your shoulder to see what personal information for example be aware of the surroundings while you entering the personal information online as it is easy for those who casually keep a glance around and notices which keys you press for entering the password.

The most common way to steal someone’s identity is phishing that tricks the users into entering personal data with a promise of fake prize. The user’s information can be sold to an advertising agency. The worse part of it is that it is used to fake your identity online.

The malicious sites may keep the track of your personal information. You may have noticed a number of times the FaceBook logo on the sites around the Internet. If you enter your login information in such sites then you may will not able to access your account again.

For preventing the identity theft from happening you can invest in comprehensive PC security solution. The program will alert you when you will about to enter your personal information on the compromised websites, or have alerts and pop-ups when the website will try to perform malicious activities. You can even spot on online identity threats to improve the safety of the internet.

What is spyware?


Spyware is a form of virus that significantly obstructs the performance of your system. If you have a spyware on your system then you need to run the antivirus software to eliminate it.

Spyware is used by the hackers to steal the personal information of the users. For example you can think of the use of PC in an average day when it used for: e-mail, taxes, banking whatever you do will be monitored by many forms of the spyware that has a root in your PC. For example the spyware may use keyloggers for tracking the activity of your computer and discover the password as you enter them.

Other form of spyware can target your email account and send out messages to the ids that are in your contact list which is filled with number of spam or viruses.

fix computer freezesFrom where does spyware come from? Any form of the malware on your PC, spyware can come from websites, peer-to-peer networks, and many other places. The spyware can come from the malicious sites that may install the spyware on your system. One it gets in it opens up the security loopholes that allow other fork of malware to slip in.

Once on the system gets affected with the spyware it is important to invest in a high quality software solution that keep the track of the spyware at the source. For example while browsing the programs the pop-up security alert may arise that will tell you to enter the site. if you are already infected with the spyware then the program will effectively root out and delete them from the system.

How do I speed up the startup time of my PC?


Reducing the startup time is not so difficult. You can implement some the easy tips to cut down the start up time to half.

Eradicate unnecessary programs with msconfig: You need to type msconfig in the command prompt this will give you the list of programs and application that startup every time whenever we boot the computer. Over the years of your system you may have added a lot of unnecessary applications that may increase the startup time of your PC.
You need to Go through the list and remove any unnecessary entries that are not in use. If you are unsure then you can search for it in the internet to avoid accidental cancel of windows process. For example:

Defragment the hard drive: Defragging of the hard drive will bring the important files closer that make them easily accessible. A lot of files are accessed a short period of time when the computer starts. Defragmentation is done to ensure optimal performance.

Run antivirus software: If the computer takes a lot of time to start up then it can be due to malware which is on your system. You can invest on good antivirus software that ensures system security. If a virus is found on scanning then it is better to remove it to speed up your start-up of your PC.

Which hardware components affect the speed of my PC?


Components of the PC work together which bring you the fastest and reliable performance. Here are important hardware factors which consider speeding up your PC.

RAM: The up-gradation of RAM is very cheap, effective and easy to install. The computer makes use of the memory constantly no matter what task you are doing. If you want your computer to run and switch between multiple tasks that quickly needs to upgrade the RAM.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): CPU is the integral part of the operation of your PC. The RAM up-gradation processing speed increases the performance across almost all the application and allows you to play games which you unable to play.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): If you are a PC gamer and want to consider upgrading of graphics card. The RAM, video games need memory to run it smoothly as well. By doubling up the memory of the device for example improving the graphics increases your gaming experience.

Hard drive speed: Sometimes the hard drive may cause many problems to prevent this from happening you need to be sure that the hard drive is large enough to hold everything. The full hard drive and cramming of data on the drive may lead to crashing.

You can even find hard drives which can access the data faster. For example the standard 5,400rpm or 7,200rpm speed can be upgraded to 10,000rpm drive. It will increase the speed up your boot times and even the games performance.

Cool the PC: The most way to speed up the hardware of your PC you needs to keep it sufficiently cool. When the PC runs on intensive applications the heating leads to errors and even permanently damages the devices. You can add some of the extra fans or installation of liquid cooling system.

What is “blue screen of death”, what cause it? What to do to recover without restating?


speed up the startup time The term “Blue Screen of Death” varies from age group of the computer in its basic form is usually a stack flow/page error where the CPU recognizes something which fails to perform and call a halt to all the activities that can draw your attention. It can be the result of single event such as memory area failure / hard drive area failure or the CPU overheating that lead to operator requesting activities which computer cannot complete for similar reasons. Sometimes it may also cause if it is kept idle for a certain period of time when the computer tries to do a memory dump which may lock the CPU with the screen note error. The electronic items and routine maintenance does not prevent sudden part failure such that most can be corrected by adjusted by checking the parts. Most of time rebooting even does not even solve this problem in such a situation PC Repair Tool can be a great choice.

What steps I should take to clean and maintain my PC’s registry?


To clean the registry and properly maintain it you need comprehensive registry analysis. This is very confusing and frustrating task if you do it manually. There can be risk in running the system when you fix the registry manually. The fastest, safest and most effective way to clean and maintain the Windows Registry is the use of the application which is specialized in this type of operation. There are many applications which offer complete feature allows you to keep Windows registry clean and safe. You need to take help of a good Registry Repair tool on which you can trust.


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