Fix the Error – “Your Current Security Settings Prohibit Running ActiveX”

computerActiveX was a old technology created by Microsoft that allow developers to create a program that was a subsets of large programs. Just take an example when you find button in any application that button has its own program. It shows a particular way and handles any event in its own way such as clicking it. The most interesting thing is that the developer didn’t find any security threats in it but the malicious people find their way.  This is the reason why the Your Current Security Settings Prohibit Running ActiveX. If you have faced this issue then no need to panic. This error is basically triggered for own safety. If find this occurring often then you can eliminate it.

If you find the error occurring in your Internet Explorer, then move to security setting and adjust the “zone” to permit ActiveX controls to run. It will end up the error to occur, but you are opening a slew of security related issues. The developers or the malicious sites use ActiveX to gain control over your computer and install malicious threats to it. Running ActiveX controls is almost same as running the native code in your computer so the developer needs to create ActiveX control ActiveX control with a “delete all files” command to infect your system. This is the reason why your IE doesn’t allow ActiveX control to run.

helpsec_errorBut if you find that your system saying that Your Settings Prohibit Running ActiveX outside Internet Explorer then you need registry cleaner to resolve this issue. Chances are that there might be some conflicts and errors inside your system configuration that stops ActiveX control from running. The registry cleaner can analyze the modification inside your registry and will avoid whatever is stopping ActiveX control from running. Obviously the registry cleaner will not only resolve this issue but it will speed up your computer and will prevent conflicts that are rising in your system. It is a worthwhile tool to have it.

This article has scrutinized the different reason why Your Current Security Settings Prohibit Running ActiveX.  The reasons behind this issue are many but if you find this error within your Internet Explorer then you need to modify “zone” settings within Internet Explorer. If you find it outside the IE then use a registry cleaner to resolve this issue. Registry Cleaner will optimize your system and will avoid this issue from occurring in future. But if you still face issue while running your ActiveX control then you can use PC Repair tool that is especially designed to repair issue related to your PC.

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