Easily Restore Windows 10 to Factory Settings

Restore Windows 10Restoring Windows 10 to factory settings and refreshing Windows 10 is different. Refreshing Windows 10 system only reinstalls Windows 10 without affecting your documents or files such as photos, videos etc. Factory resetting Windows 10 computer/laptop reinstalls the Windows 10 operating system and also remove all your files from the disk partition on which Windows 10 is stored, if you want to remove all your files from the partitions then you can also do that with the help of given option.

Steps to Factory Reset Windows 10

Step 1) To factory reset Windows 10, you have to go to the Recovery section present inside the PC’s settings. Simply search for the “reinstall” in the search box and select “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” from the search results.q1

Step 2) In the Recovery section of Windows 10 you have to click on the “Get started” button present just below the heading “Remove everything and reinstall Windows”. Restoring Windows 10 to factory settings will start.q2

Step 3) Factory resetting will reinstall Windows 10, set the computer settings to their defaults, and remove all your files. Click on Next.q3

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Step 4) In case Windows 10 PC/laptop has more than one partitions on the hard drive then you will get a message “Your PC has more than one drive“.

Note: In case you don’t get the message “Do you want to remove all files from all drives?” then you can move to the next step.

You can select to reset only the partition on which Windows 10 is saved or installed. To restore only the drive on which Windows 10 is installed, you must have to click on the drive where Windows is installed. To factory reset all the drives on Windows 10 click on “All drives“.

Step 5) After it, a window will appear with two options first is “Just remove my files” and second is “fully clean my drive”.

If you choose “Just remove my files” then files and data will be removed quickly but some data might stay restorable via special applications.

The second option i.e. “Fully clean the drive” takes more than 50 minutes (depends on the speed of the computer) to factory reset Windows 10. Through this option all the data will be erased completely and it is less probable to be able to restore files and data after the factory reset.q4

6) Make sure that Windows 10 laptop or desktop is connected to the power supply no matter laptop is completely charged or not plug your laptop to the power supply even the battery is completely charged. Once you click on the Reset button, you might not be able to cancel this process. At last click on the Reset button to start restoring Windows 10 to factory settings and follow the other instructions (generally you have to accept the Windows license and enter details such as PC name).


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