Easiest Ways to Free up Windows 10 Hard Disk Space

Free up Windows 10 Hard Disk Space

It is always recommended by professionals to maintain hard disk space, as some free hard drive space will allow you to use your system without any lag.  A little extra storage space will help your system to run fast, but in order to free hard drive space by removing unwanted hidden junk files are always difficult.

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In this blog, you will learn how to clear some disk space without affecting your stored data.

Run Hard Disk Cleanup

With the help of hard disk cleanup process you can free some little hard disk space and grab a few extra megabytes of storage space. Apply the below given steps to remove unnecessary files by using Windows’ built-in tool called Disk Cleanup:

Step 1: Open My Computer, right click on the drive you want to clean up and select Properties

Step 2: Under properties section -> Click on Disk Cleanup, this tool will take some time to calculate how much space you’ll be capable to free

Step 3: Now you need to select the types of files you want to remove and click OK

Note: You can Delete temporary files, log files, files in your recycle bin, etc.

Step 4: After cleaning basic ‘junk’ files you will get some free system space, if you want to gain even more free space then you need to clean some unnecessary system files. Click on Clean Up System Files and wait until the tool calculates all thing.

Step 5: After removing unnecessary system files, go to More Options and delete system restore data present under System Restore, Shadow Copies.

Note:  This step removes all previous system restore points, which includes the most recent one.


Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

There are many applications available in our systems that are useless. These unused programs could occupy huge amount of disk space, and after removing them from your Windows 10 computer or laptop you will definitely get extra storage space. First of all mark the programs that are completely not necessary for you and your system, after it go to control panel -> Programs and Features and search for them, uninstall one by one and check your free space again.

Remove Temporary Files of Third-Party Software

In order to delete temporary files from third-party software, like web browsers cache and more, you should use third-party software. Cleaning these files manually is little difficult and sometime by removing important app file you may generate application error by yourself. So that it is recommend to use PC Cleaner tool. Just download this app, run the analysis, and it will remove all unnecessary, temporary files from third-party software automatically.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files could also occupy some hard disk space of your system, so by removing them you will free up some extra space of your hard drive. You can also use any third party tool to find and remove duplicate file.

Fortunately, there is a single tool that able to do all the things related to your system. Simply download PC ERROR REPAIR TOOL. This app is very effective and able to maintain your entire system issue.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

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Powerful Features of PC Repair Tool

  • Back-up Registry – You can take backup of your system registry, it allows user to create registry backup so you can use it in any system crises.
  • Built in scheduler – It comes with a built in scheduler that scan your PC automatically after a fix time of interval.
  • Deletes empty registry Keys – Through this tool you can make your registry database error free, it can removes all the unwanted registry keys from Windows.
  • Checks invalid Class Keys – It can also check invalid class keys from windows system and help to run smoother. It also checks Shell Extension, invalid Help Files, Invalid Shared known DLL’s, invalid Paths and more.
  • Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs – It also manage cleanup and startup applications of Windows system that help computer to boot without any delay.
  • Scans for Invalid Program shortcuts – This tool also fix all types of invalid application shortcuts.
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