Develop Your PC Speed With Disk Defragmentation and Cleanup!

clean your pcOver time, computers sometimes get slower due to the files which have become incompetent and resources are consumed by unnecessary software. It does not matter whether the computer you have is new or it is old, in fact the new computers also become slow over time. This could be dues to one of the reason, it might be dozens of programs installed into the system or some unwanted files have been downloaded from the internet. Nowadays computer come with a load of programs on them because manufactures think that you need all of them but there is no need of those programs. Some of these programs run on your system background and your system becomes slow.

While keeping your computer hardware up to date and your system anti-virus software current can help you to fix some of the problems of your computer which come across. There are several ways that you can perform to make your system speed up for better performance.

Remove Spyware

It is very important to get rid of from spyware but it not easy to do that as it enters into the system without your knowledge. It can cause pop-ups and also collect all the personal information which you don’t know or they take it without your permission. Due to this, your system can be at risk so it is better for you that you are away from the nasty virus and use some powerful removal tool so that it can take care of such problem.

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Check out the Performance troubleshooter

You should try some performance troubleshooter as this can automatically find the issues and then it fixes all those. It checks if there is any problem that slow the computer’s performance like how many users are now logged in or whether several programs are running at the same time.

Free Up Disk Space

Disk Cleanup tool is a big way which help you to free up space on your hard disk and also improve your system performance. Few things that Disk Cleanup can do are mentioned below:

  • Eliminate all the temporary internet files
  • Blank the Recycle Bin.
  • Erase all the programs which you never use.
  • Remove all the Windows Temporary files, such as error reports.
  • Backup the files that you never access.

Defragment your hard disk

Disk fragmentation slows the overall efficiency of your computer. When you install and uninstall some programs and then save it and delete the files over the years, then all these actions make a small space between the other data on your hard drive. After that there is no new information available in blocks and as a result, your computer should work harder to piece certain parts of the data together. Disk Defragmenter combine all these files and folders so that they occupy one single space on the disk. You can run this when:

  • You are going to add a large number of files
  • When your free space have totals of 15 percent or less.
  • When you install some new, large programs or a new OS.


If there is more RAM, it means that there will be a faster feel to open the files. The program you open, your computer uses RAM and if you have several programs and open at a time and if it lacks in memory then everything will become slow. Nowadays upgrading RAM is fairly inexpensive o if you want then there are several videos available on internet which would show you how to install additionally memory.

Dirt free your hard disk

If you have some unwanted or useless files on your hard disk, then it will take lots of space and due to all these, your system can become slow. Therefore it is better that you use Disk Cleanup as this will remove all the temporary files, erases the recycle bin and also eliminate a selection of files with other items that is no further required.

Restart your computer regularly

You should at least restart your system once in a week and mostly when you use it a lot. If you have a habit of restarting your computer weekly then you would not face any issue and it also make sure you about any useful processes and services that has started running gets shutdown. After you restart your computer, it closes all the software which was running and also dozens of services which have been started by several other programs.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
  2. Step 2 – Click “Scan” button to diagnose the PC.
  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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