Common User Error and How to fix them in Windows 8?

Windows 8 has introduced many changes to the operating system’s platform and user interface that has improved user experience on tablets, PCs and other consumption devices. It is very easy to use but still you may face many issues with startup programs and experience and other windows system issues. Here are some common problems that you may face and how to fix them.

Accidentally Deleted Files

Windows 8 File History features automatically make copies of your files if you enable it.  After enabling this feature you can easily restore your deleted file or even can restore copy of a file it is helpful when you have made changes to the file and want to get back the previous copy of the file.

Forgot to set up file History

If you are using traditional magnetic hard drive instead of modern solid-state drive that able you to restore the deleted files with file recovery programs that can scan hard drive.

Too many Startup Programs

The task manager of Windows 8 allows you to manage the startup programs. If there is too many programs that starts automatically after starting the computer and these can slow down the startup process. Just right click on the taskbar and open the Task Manager and Click on More details link and then use option on the Startup tab that helps you to disable the startup programs.

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Messed up settings

If you have messed up the settings then you can easily restore the default option in and want to get back the previous settings then you’ve to-

  • Delete the library- Right click on the library header in the File Explorer application and restore the default libraries.
  • Messed up the folder of the display settings- Click on the View tab in the File Explorer and click on the option icons and select the Change folder and search options.

Problems with Internet Explorer

You may experience problems while using desktop version of Internet Explorer when you have installed too many browser add-ons such as toolbar.

Suffering from Resource sucking Programs and Frozen

 Freezing of computer is not an error but occasional programs may get freeze. It becomes worse when it is running in the background and sucking the CPU and other memory resources and does nothing than this. To eliminate this process you can end the program by using the Task Manger.

General PC issues

Windows allows you to “Refresh your PC” which is an easy way to reinstall the windows. This makes the Windows to automatically refresh itself by restoring itself to its default state. This process is quick way to get the Windows back to its fresh state without losing any files.

System issues

System Restore feature helps you to restore the system without performing a Refresh or reinstallation of Windows. System restore does not erase the desktop programs that you have installed it is faster way to restore the windows. You just have to automatically create “restore points” and backup all your important system files.

Accidentally deleted system files

Windows contain System File Checker (SFC) command that you can run manually. If you run this program the Windows will scan the computer system files ensuring that they’re all present and in working order. If the file gets deleted or corrupted System File Checker notices it and automatically replaces it. This method can be used without the help of Refresh and System Restore Features.

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