How to cleanup and Speed up Windows

Slow Windows

Windows system is very fast and easy to use operating system but after sometime this OS gets slow and so that user cannot operate their PC/laptop swiftly. There are many reasons of a sluggish Windows system, so by fixing them we can make a system fast and perfect. Bellow some tips to speed up Windows system is given apply them and get rid of slow computer performance.        

Tip 1- Remove the Windows temporary files, internet cookies, cache, invalid shortcuts of software and other unwanted installed application. Through this way you can help your hard disk to perform well. If these junk files are present in your system then you cannot operate your system swiftly so remove them as soon as possible and do this cleaning process after a fix time of interval.

Tip 2- Some application programs add themselves boot file so that when user boot their PC then they gets executed automatically. This wills also slowdown the pc and because of it your PC takes more time to boot. Remove the programs that are sorted in the boot folder, after doing this your system will take very small time to boot. There is a chance that some malicious applications simply add themselves to that auto-start folder without user permission. Open Run and type “msconfig”, then choose “Boot” or “startup”. Under this you can see a list of programs manage them there.

Tip 3- Apply the Hard Disk Defragmentation, because after some time hard drive can be full of fragmentation. Due to fragmentation a system gets slowdown radically. All Windows OS provides the built-in Disk Defragmenter tool, that provide you to remove empty patches, pack pieces of files together. Through this you can increase the speed of reading and writing files to/from hard disk.

Tip 4– Registry is the main cause of a slow Windows system, registry file is not a harmful but it is the central database of any Windows OS. Under this database all the important information about system hardware and software are stored through which this database helps the OS to manage all the tasks. But after some time this database gets huge and so that takes more time to execute any task, so it is directly proportional to the performance of OS. You can remove unwanted or unused information/ keys from the system registry by using any registry cleaner tool. Avoid doing this task manually because this may harm your system.

Tip 5– Uninstall unwanted application from your PC/laptop and make your system fast. Also uninstall those installed application that is installed on the computer because this may be malware or other type of infection. But don’t uninstall any system drivers or other important program, before uninstalling think once and after it remove you think that it is useless then remove them.

The above given process is must be executed under any professional because any slight mistake during the execution of above tips may harm your PC badly. Don’t get confused because you can also make your PC fast and clean by using a third party tool. Download Widows cleanup and Speedup tool to make your system fast. This tool is specially design for the Windows system, and one can easily operate this tool without need of any professional knowledge/ instruction. So it is the best way to clean Windows system because in this way no any harmful side effects are available.

Follow 3 Simple Steps to Repair PC Instantly!

  1. Step 1 – Download & Install PC Repair Tool.
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  3. Step 3 – Click “Fix Errors” to the fix the issues and you are done.

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