How can I repair damaged registry files

registry error copyIt’s a high time Windows user should know that a single damaged registry entry can easily destroy the installed window. On your Operating system Windows Registry acts as a DNA. Registry is a database that contains the complicate data, setting and other vital information that make your PC and other program to run and behave properly. When you use your computer or application they are continuously referring to the database of Windows Registry files to check how to work.  It keeps the record of single changes made by your computer. It is organized into registry keys, registry hives, sub keys, and registry values. The value is the actual setting that says the behavior of software or hardware. Keys are the file where the value is stored sub keys and then sub files. Registry hives is a group of keys that is stored in a main section of window registry. Any sort of damage in registry can damage your operating system very badly.

Whenever you install any new program a new registry entries are written so next time when you turn on your computer all the program and hardware runs the same when you turned it off. It is the very helpful way to keep everything in a well manner. Take an example you have changed your desktop wallpaper or the speed of the mouse the entry is changed in HKEY_USER registry file so that when next you log in it remain the same as you left it. When registry files or keys get damaged user face irregular and strange behavior of computer. Some windows will not close from the desktop. The common symptom of the damage is that you will find that windows will refuse to startup. You will find different error messages like “system hive error,” “missing or corrupt” files, “unknown hard error.”

A damaged registry file doesn’t mean that it is due to virus infection. It gets corrupted due to many reasons like your registry files might be disturbed. Registry files get disturb mostly during the system shut down process. If your system is shut down abruptly such as due to immediate power failure, or the disruption between the program or registry key setting.  Improper shut down leaves the communication incomplete that damage the registry files. Registry file also gets damage due to the hardware failure in your computer.

But you need not to worry your can repair and restore corrupt or damaged registry files. To resolve this issue you need to repair the corrupt or damaged registry file. To modify any changes be in a safety side. Before you start set a system, restore point. So that if you get stuck you can easily backup the data from there. Make a backup of entire Windows Registry. To open registry editor click on “Start” or “Run” and simply type “Regedit.” When registry editor appears choose hive you want in the left side. The most used key will be found in KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. When you find what you need to change then make the necessary changes and click on “Save” to save the changes. Reboot your PC so that changes can take effect. But if any problem occurs then you need to backup the file.

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If you don’t have the skill to manually edit the Windows registry to resolve the corruption issue. Unless and until you have confident in your computer skills you should not try to modify the registry. Because if your try to fix the registry errors without the knowledge of registry error it will cause many complication in your computer performance. The last option left with you is to use a PC Repair Tool to repair any sort of issue related to your PC. This repair tool can easily resolve issue related to your PC such as damaged registry entry, slow performance, w9indow error etc. The best thing about this repair tool is that it doesn’t need any technical skill to operate it.

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