Are Hidden Processes Slowing Down your Computer?

Hidden computer fix computer performance processes can slowdown the speed of any computer system. If your computer is full with unnecessary applications or tools then it can affect the performance of your computer. Some applications run automatically in the background of the computer by fetching valuable resources of the computer. We know that a computer program is a set of command and instructions, and if any process is running in the background of the computer then it require the resources of the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

Some processes might be doing something important for the computer such as an antivirus program can automatically scan your computer by running in the background of the computer. But some processes are unnecessary and not important for your computer and you can fix any computer performance related problems by removing them. You should check your computers to see unnecessary hidden processes that slowdown the computer system.

There are many common unwanted processes that affect the system performance and speed,

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  • Rlvknlg.exe: This process is unnecessary which tracks your online purchases and reroute your internet surfing. It is necessary to remove this process.
  • SearchSettings.exe: This process is very dangerous and considered as malware, it hijacks the toolbar of the computer system and installs the adware on the computer.
  • Rthdcpl.exe: This process provides accessibility to the Realtek High Definition Audio Control Panel but it is not necessary because there are many other ways are available to access the control panel.
  • Hkcmd.exe: This process is related to the drivers for the Intel 81x graphics chips, but it is unneeded for most the users.
  • Qttask.exe: This process launches Quick Time from the system Tray and used more than 750KB system memory to run, so if you don’t require it than turn it off.
  • Reader_sl.exe: It is a “Speed Launcher,” process which helps Adobe Reader to load faster when required. It can take up lots of important resources.

How to Stop Hidden Processes:

To stop the unwanted hidden processes from your computer system you have to diagnose your computer system first and after diagnosing select those process that are unneeded or not required for you and stop them or remove them from your computer.

You can do this task by manually and if you are unable to do this task manually then you can also try any third party PC Scanner tool, it can find and stop the unwanted processes from your computer. It will scan your computer and show the list of running process select processes that you don’t want and stop them. It is very easy to use and the best way to fix this issue.

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