How to Access the Secret “Visual Effects” Menu in Windows 8.1

pc errorThere is nobody who ever blame Windows 8 of being user sensitive. However Windows 8 has improved a lot of things but still the changing of settings is too much of headache.

Because of this, “secret” Windows 8.1 visual setting menu is used. It contains lots of helpful settings that dramatically change the look of windows 8.1.

All these settings are not hidden or kept secret; they are just organized in one place. So it is assured that you are not editing core system when using this menu. Only you have to change the visual settings which Microsoft wants you to change.

With all these settings, you are not damaging to your computer. You can do it very easily if you want any of these settings.

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Think of how to manage secret windows 8.1 visual effects menu? Mentioned below are steps to find it:

  • Open windows control panel
  • Hit on system (if you are unable to see the settings, then select large icons or small icon “View By” option and this option is separate from system and security in control panel).
  • After that hit on advanced system settings, that you will get on the left hand navigation panel
  • A small window will open known as system properties. Hit on that advanced tab on the window.
  • At alt under performance, hit on settings button.

And finally, you will get the secret hidden menu. This is known as performance options window and this is not easy to access.

But from this menu, you can easily access a wide range of important Microsoft options. With the help of this, you can check radial button beside “Let window choose what’s best for my computer” and then change it to “Custom” so to change all the fun settings.

Some of the fun settings to change include turning off the “Show desktop” feature that is triggered whenever you hit your mouse over small empty space which is on the far right corner of taskbar. If you want you can disable the setting by unchecking the box beside Enable peek-on.

However, you can check and uncheck each of these boxes and then hit ‘Apply’ to see the effect of changes you have on your system. Hitting on Apply option will apply all the changes without forcing you to exit out of the Performance Options menu.

Now if you are unsatisfied with the default UI in Windows 8.1, then changing these settings can have a powerful effect on your system’s performance and visual appeal.

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