5 quick fixes for Windows 10 Issues

: How to deal with Windows 10 issueWindows 10 launched with lots of issues and errors that are interrupting users while operating their Windows 10 PC/laptop. In these article 5 main problems of Windows 10 is discussed with their appropriate solution.     

  1. Unable to activate Windows 10 after installation.

02-Windows-10-activation1After the installation of Windows 10 generally you don’t need to activate it because it gets updated automatically after the completion of installation process. But sometime activation process gets fail and you get unable to activate it. Without activating Windows you can normally use Windows 10, but you won’t be capable to personalize like modifying the Desktop theme, colors and more.

To fix this issue you have to wait for a day or two, and after it if Window is still deactivated then contact Microsoft for help.

Guide to Activate Windows 10>>

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  1. Hardware doesn’t work

Before the installation process you must have been notified about any potentially unsuited hardware, but if anything gets wrong then you can still fix it. Update the system driver of your Windows 10 system, this will work and may fix this issue.

  1. Unable to send/receive any email through Outlook or inbox folders gets disappear from the Mail app

04-Windows-10-Mail-folders-new2In Windows 10 Mail app you will get different inbox folders for each mail account you set up, but it won’t display any subfolders present within them and even you cannot create any subfolders. Doesn’t matter what subfolders are available in your webmail account or not, if you want to access the subfolders of inbox then you have to open your email account using your web browser. Engineers of Microsoft may fix this issue in a future update.

  1. Unable to deactivate Windows Update

06-Windows-10-System-Protection3You cannot deactivate the Windows update because in Windows 10 Microsoft changed the way to deliver any update. All the necessary updated gets downloaded automatically doesn’t matter you want them or not. You can only set the time of restart the Windows that may be necessary after the completion of the update process.

But unluckily, this won’t fix the issue of Windows Updates that hold bugs, but there is a solution about it. Simply enable the System Protection and Windows 10 will create a Restore Point before starting every update.

  1. Internet Explorer bookmarks deleted after Windows 10 update

In Windows 10 you will get a latest internet browser known as Edge. So you have to import your Internet Explorer bookmarks into Edge. To do so, simply select Import favorites from the Favorites tab from the Hub menu.

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