5 Hidden VLC Features You May Not Know About

Hidden VLC Features

VLC is one of the advance open source cross-platform multimedia player, this application is very perfect and provides lots of features through which user can enjoy their videos/audios. This application is not only free but also a lightweight and fast application that allows users to play any type of file even if the file itself is damaged, incomplete, or unfinished.

Along with playing videos, DVDs or listen to CDs, it provides an incredible number of useful features. In this blog you will learn about the top 5 advance features of VLC media player.

1. Play and Download YouTube Videos securely

In order to watch a YouTube video, you have to first copy the youTube video URl after it go through File > Open Network Stream and paste the copied YouTube URL of the video in question.

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It takes a couple of seconds of loading and playing the Youtube Video.v1

How to download YouTube Video via VLC player, in order to download a video to your local drive, go to Tools > Codec Information and copy the text from the Location box at the bottom of the screen.v2

After it paste the copied text into your browser and the video will start playing. Right-click and select “Save Video As” to save it on your system HDD.

2. Subscribe to Podcasts

VLC media player is one of the advanced podcast manager.

Open the podcast menu, via going through View > Playlist and scroll down until you come to Podcasts

(It is available under the Internet subsection).v3

In order to add a podcast, you’ll need to find its RSS feed. If you’re not sure about the podcast’s URL, then don’t worry as there are lots of websites that will extract it for you. After knowing the RSS feed Click on the + icon to add the podcast to your list of subscriptions.

This advance VLC player will find all the previous episodes, along with any relevant artwork. To play the podcast, simply double click on the one of them.

3. Listen to Internet Radio Stations

Along with the podcasts option, VLC player will also allows their user to listen to internet radio stations.

To access this feature, navigate to View > Playlist and scroll down and find the entry called Icecast Radio Directory.v4

Search for stations from within the VLC app and enjoy internet radio.

4. Record Your Desktop

This is one of the useful features that allow user to record their desktop or laptop screen, via this feature you can create a screencast for a presentation and live-streaming the desktop across your network.

In order to start screen recording, click on the Media > Open Capture Device and select Desktop from the drop-down menu.v5

At this you need to select your desirable frame rate. And click on the drop-down arrow next to Play and choose Convert.

At the next screen, select the file format you need and enter the location where you want to save your output. After completing all setup hit Start.v6

VLC media player will noiselessly make the screen recording in the background. After completion of recording, return to the app and click Stop.

5. Convert Video Files

Now you don’t need any additional Video converter software to convert a video into a different file format. If you have a VLX media player and want to convert any of your video then, go to Media > Convert/Save. Click the Add button to choose your file, then select Convert from the drop-down box in the bottom right-hand corner.v7

At the next screen, select the type of file you want to convert and enter the file a name and location under Destination. Finally, click Start.

So these are the top 5 hidden features of VLC media player that provides lots of features and time saving things to its users.

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