11 Best Apps that you should have on your Windows 10 PC

11 Best Apps that you should have on your Windows 10 copy

With the world being driven with Tech and the power that we have in our hands using these gadgets is simply awesome. Most of us have a device which is built of technology and provides a door to enjoy a vast resource available on the Internet. Apps being developed impacts our life so deep that we presently cannot think of being connected to the Internet without having our favourite Apps installed on our device. Today I will bring to you the 11 best Windows 10 Apps that should find a place in your PC.

Though there is an ocean of Apps and each of us differ by requirement an ease of our usability but there is a common string of Apps between us that will follow further. Each App is different from the other in terms of requirement and the task that is to be carried out. Lets me share them.

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What ever you may be but you must have work on several projects and several thing to do that you might forget and can become hell.  Wunderlist is a great app thats worth incorporating in your day to day life that can make you handle your everyday with so much ease. It provides a simple interface with a lot of options to handle your dos, reminders and dates. It’s so versatile that either we can make a list of simple things like shopping or it could be even used for complex tasks like plotting out a project’s scope. Cortana,   personal assistant for Windows 10 could also be used to make your tasks much easier. If you suffer less or more from disorganisation and tend to forget things that make your life everyday complex then I would suggest you to install Wunderlist.


 Enpass-windows 10

With so much accounts to handle all over the Internet, it becomes a tedious task to remember all the passwords without having a good password manager. Enpass handles it perfectly and has the capability to maintain that extra security thin with ease. Enpass is based on (Universal Windows Platform) UWP that is compatible with Windows Hello and also has an Edge extension. Your passwords are stored locally and stashed with all features that you should have including a password generator, auto-fill passwords, time-based one-time passwords, could sync, folder support, and a secure web browser.

OneDriveonedrive-windows 10

With essential data that you always give some extra preference and much importance should always be ensured that it is safe and secure. OneDrive is a file hosting service that allows users to sync files and later access them from their web browser or mobile device. Data can be shared publicly or can be limited to some contacts who can access them. OneDrive is truly a rescue to many people who always take care of their important files and need some space on the web so that their files are secure and safe, free from the fear of their device  crash or failure or some other mishap. This OneDrive is a free app with restricted data space but subscription fee for additional storage space is required.


It is otherwise known as cord cutter’s cream and is truly pretty as it has some incredibly good collection of hit TV shows and beloved movies. Using this app you could get an easy access to the entire collection of its contents without even using your browser. But wait, this isn’t free .There’s subscription fee for it but that’s comparatively less for the entertainment you gain. This intuitive app is a must so as to get some air out of that boredom that you feel after your hectic schedule.

 Adobe Photoshop Express


Taking pictures have attained a very important aspect in today world. Every day you take so many clicks and those gotta be perfect has to be shared on social networking sites. But every click is not perfect, much because of background or light, some or the other factor. Here comes Adobe Photoshop Express which is the light version of Adobe Photoshop which does contains only the important tools required. The full version is so much powerful and complex that few people don’t require so much features, for them Photshop express is the answer. Tools like crop, flip, rotate, straighten with adjustment features of brightness, contrast, exposure etc are equipped which enhances its usability. This App is a perfect lightweight editor for casual users who can bring it for their everyday use and it wouldn’t  bog down your PC.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription based app that delivers all your favourite Office tools including Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. You could choose from Personal, home and business platforms depending upon your requirements with subscription of monthly or annual plans. The best part of Office 365 is that it offers 1TB of OneDrive storage access that could give you some extra space. Indeed a good space! So if you are looking up for some space on the cloud, this is a Yes deal that offers you the both Office 365 and the storage.


 rssowl-win 10

RSS is one of the best ways to be in the loop of world news because it updates itself soon as favourite news sites update and you get your news as soon as it is published. RSSowl uses Java Runtime Framework but has a simple interface without being too flashy and presents you your feeds in a much simpler way much like clients send mail and the same appearance. It is customizable and gives you the freedom of making it according to your suite so that you don’t get bored out the same suit everyday.

Facebook Messenger

Whether you install the Facebook app or the messenger according to your choice. Messenger is quite simple for those only share messages more frequent rather than other things. But if you have become a fb freak and can’t live without it then I would suggest facebook app. Go for it. With Tons of features this app would never feel you restless and you could do different stuffs. You will desktop notification and open them and every task is so easy to do here. Share, Message with the world out there and you will use this app the most I say.

Vlc Player

If you have got stuffs on your PC and you are searching some cool video players and I would say that Vlc is the one where your search would end. For many decades it has been used and till date it has that capability of user enhancement and better retention. It has simple user interface that is customisable accordingly. But for sure it is the best.



Do you want to buy something? Then Amazon is the best place where you could find everything you need. From electronics to eatables, from fashion to decoration, you must find your need among the 480 million products it contains.This App is so much enhanced that you could rely on it for every time shopping. A plethora of option to choose from and million of products that you will not able to browse through all.

These were the best 11 apps that surely finds a place on your Windows 10 PC. Though they are million out there but otherwise with categories these would perfectly fit into it and your everyday would be much easier. Hope you like these. Share your best Apps in the comments below.

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